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Placement Testing

Placement tests are given to determine the level of instruction that you should register for. You should take all placement tests that apply to you before registering for classes.

Following each test, you will be informed which course(s) you should register for and/or waive.

Placement Tests Online

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Take Tests (You will be asked to "enroll" in the Placement Tests course.)

If you don’t have a BJU login

  • Click here to fill out a Google form with your information. You can expect a response within 24-48 hours.
  • Your login name will look something like JSMIT123. Once you have your login name, return to this link to enroll in the Placement Tests course: Take Tests


New and transfer students (associate who receive fewer than 6 English credits or baccalaureate students who receive fewer than 9 English credits) who have no ACT or SAT scores must take this placement test. Testing may take as much as 45 minutes. Students wanting to challenge their ACT or SAT placement may also take the placement test.


Bachelor Degree Programs

Required the first semester of enrollment for all students who have no ACT or SAT scores and who have a specified mathematics course or elective the first semester of enrollment. Testing may take as much as 2 hours. There is a time limit on these tests, so be sure you have the maximum allowed time available. Students wanting to challenge their placement may also take the placement test. Study Guide for testing into Ma 103, 105 or 200

Mathematics Proof Techniques

Required of students registering for Calculus III (Ma 301) or a 400-level math course in an upcoming semester. Ma 299 Mathematical Proofs is a 1-credit corequisite with Ma 301 and a prerequisite for most 400-level math courses (see the course webpage for additional information on the placement test). Students who pass this test will be allowed to waive this corequisite. Testing may take as much as 30 minutes. Students should not take this test unless they are directed to do so by a math faculty member.

Statistics Test for Math Ed Majors only

Offered to Mathematics Education majors who wish to try to exempt Applied Statistics (Ma 320) in order to replace the requirement with a more advanced upper-level course.

Modern Language

Chinese, French, German, and Spanish

Students registering for a modern language course for the first time at BJU must take the appropriate placement test. Testing may take as much as 45 minutes. A short verification is all that is needed for a student with no experience in the language.


Music Qualifying

Students auditioning for voice lessons for the first time at BJU who are not a music major or minor must take this test before auditioning for their voice lessons. If not passed, Pi 101 Beginning Piano is strongly recommended before taking voice lessons (to learn the fundamentals of reading music). Testing should take 15 minutes or less.

Rudiments of Music

Required of all new music majors or minors registering for MT 105 Theory I. If not passed, MT 099 Introduction to Music Theory (0 credit, 0 load) must be taken during the same semester as MT 105. Testing should take 30 minutes or less.

Music Theory

Required of new music majors and minors who want to place out of or validate music theory courses (MT 105 & 106) on the basis of previous training. Learn more about the music theory test

Computer Science

Required of students who wish to try to waive CpS 110 (Computer Science I) and begin with CpS 209 (Computer Science II). Students must qualify to take Ma 105 (see math tests above). The test is in two parts: a multiple choice part that could take as much as 45 minutes, and (if that is passed) a programming part that should take no more than 60 minutes.