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Math Competitions

Putnam Competition

The William Lowell Putnam Competition is an international competition sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America for undergraduate students interested in being challenged in mathematics. 

This competition is for individual competitors and is a one-day event consisting of two three-hour sessions with a two-hour break between.  In each session, participants are given six challenging problems to solve.  Participants compete at their own universities; their solutions are sent to a committee of mathematicians for scoring. 

More information about the Putnam Competition is available at  


Registration and Contacts

When:  December 3, 2023,  at BJU from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm  

Registration:  link to student registration 

For details at BJU: Ethan House, 

Faculty sponsor: Dr. Laurel Carpenter,


Further Resources for Participants 

Resources for students to prepare for the Putnam: