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Ma 301: Calculus III

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A continuation of Ma 202. Topics include solid analytic geometry, functions of more than one variable, partial differentiation, multiple integration, and vector analysis including Green's Theorem and Stokes's Theorem. Required calculator: TI 89 or NSpire CAS. Prerequisite(s): Ma 202. 4 Credits.

Spring 2021 Course Information

Course Resources


Additional discussions/explanations of course topics:

Relate the Algebra and the Geometry of the Cross Product - Khan Academy

Curvature/Moving Basis Explanation - Khan Academy

Osculating Circle (has same tangent and curvature) - Wolfram Alpha

Osculating Circle - Wolfram Alpha Demonstration

Ch 13 Lagrangian Optimization - Braess’ Paradox in City Planning: An Application of Multivariable Optimization

Programming your calculator: