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Ma 308: Theory of Interest

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Advanced topics in simple and compound interest, annuities and investment including force of interest, continuous and/or variable payment annuities. Required calculator: TI BA II Plus. Prerequisite(s): Ma 180 or Ma 202. 3 Credits.

Fall 2022 Course Information

Course Resources

SOA Exam FM Resources

Study Manuals:  The department and I have a couple of copies of various study manuals for this exam that we are happy to loan out (as they are available).  They are several years old, but the majority of the content is still pertinent.  Should you wish to purchase your own copy, see the following.

ASM Exam FM  (this is probably my preferred option ...)

SOA Exam FM Website - includes the SOA syllabus, previous exam questions/solutions, and other study resources

The author of one of the recommended texts for the exam, Sam Broverman, has posted questions of the week (with solutions).


Calculator Resources

For those taking the SOA Exam FM, be sure to use the BA II Plus exclusively for this course.

Finance App for TI 89
Finance Guide for TI Nspire
(TI Nspire CAS Reference Guide - see pages 12-13, 174-175)


Actuarial Resources

 Books for Actuaries