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Why is there a fee and why can it not be covered by tuition?

Please read Ma 080 Fee Explanation from Dr. Gardenghi, Chair of the Division of Mathematical Sciences.

Is there any way to exempt this requirement?

If you pass all of the Pre-tests with an 80% or higher before the end of Drop/Add, you will not have to take the modules at all. In this case, you will not be charged the fee for Developmental Math. However, there is not a "pro-rated" system where you are charged differently based on how many modules you have to complete.

If you are a STEM major or have to take other College Math courses, you may be able to exempt all or part of the requirement by taking the Algebra Readiness Placement test. Contact dflawren@bju.eduif you think this might apply to you.

Is there anything I can study to get ready for the Pre-tests?

There are Study Guides available for each test that tell you exactly what will be on them. Look things up in advance! You may have the study guide and/or notes with you when you take the test. You just cannot go look anything up while you are taking the test.

How long should the modules take me?

It varies widely from student to student. Some are just filling in some gaps, some have to build from the ground up. In the "Information" module at the start of each course are links to "checkpoint" documents to help you guage if you are on track, ahead, or behind.

Can I work on my math modules outside of the Math Lab?

Absolutely! You can work on math anywhere that you have an internet connection. Unless you are working on the modules over an Academic Break, you do need to spend your scheduled 3 hours a week in the Math Lab--that will help us be sure you are staying on track.

Can I come to the Math Lab more than my scheduled hours?

As long as there is a free computer, you are welcome. There will always be a qualified person on hand who can help guide you to the right answer if you need help.

Can I work together with another student in the class?

Yes, as long as both of you understand the material. Feel free to help each other with CatchupMath quizzes, homework, and even the paper Extended Application problems. (If you do one together, you can just turn in one copy with both of your names on it.) The one thing that must be accomplished as a solo activity is the Pre- and Post-tests. This is the reason it is so important that everyone understand how you arrived at your answers!

Can I use a calculator?

Yes, you can. There is one built in to CatchupMath or you can use your own. If you are going on to college-level math (you will be taking the 090 modules as well), we recommend purchasing a calculator. This one would be adequate: link to calculator. It is pretty inexpensive, and it is robust enough to do most of the calculations you will need (including a pretty cool fractions button and trigonometry.) If your major will require you to take Calculus courses, you should check into the calculator requirements for those courses.

Can I work on the modules outside of the semester?

Yes, you can. You may work on the modules during Summer or Christmas breaks. There will be software available that will allow you to get help from the instructors when you need it. You can even work on a module or two that way and finish the rest while you are in residence.

Can I come back later if I need a review?

Yes! Our hope is that when you encounter problems in liberal arts classes that you take in your course of study that require computational or mathematical reasoning skills that they will be familiar to you and you will remember having done them before. If you need a refresher on them later, come back to the Math Lab and we can set you up with some lessons to help you remember what you learned here.